Adult, Adolescent and Couple Psychotherapy

​​​Kate Westhoven, PsyD



Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with emotion or recycling the same thoughts and questions over and over in your mind?  Do you notice yourself asking, “Why am I doing this again?”.  As we go through life, we develop and rely upon ways of managing our thoughts and feelings and establish recurring patterns of interactions with others.  As life goes on, some of these strategies cease to be as successful as they were in the past.  When this occurs, we become uncomfortable and even hope to change, but often, without some outside guidance, our only option is to continue to think, feel, and behave in the ways we know how.  

In psychotherapy, I assist individuals and couples in increasing their ability to observe and understand their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, in order to be able to decide what works well and what could benefit from some modification. 

I have extensive education, training, and experience in areas many people, at some point in their lives, find themselves struggling with. These challenges include anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, grief, and martial/partnership discord. Deciding to reach out to a therapist is the first step in a journey of potential change.  Once you have made this decision, finding a therapist you feel is a good match for your needs and goals is important.  I offer a
 free telephone consultation as a first step in determining how I might be helpful in assisting you with the current challenges you are experiencing in your life. 

My private office, offering individual psychotherapy and couples therapy, is located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria at 510 North Washington Street.